Feminism attempts to create a perception that Climate Change in South Asia affects women more than men.

Some time ago, feminists had called climate change sexist. They opined that climate and nature takes a course such that it differentiates women and men in its treatment.

Reading that if you thought feminism can’t get more stupid in its objectivity, you will be in for a surprise. 

In a similar attempt in South Asia, feminists are creating a theory that severe acute climate change in South Asia – precisely India and Bangladesh – which includes continuous periods  of lack of rains and draught is being unfair to women.

As men from the sub-continent, who used to be solely dependent on agriculture for their livelihood, were forced to venture out to cities & towns for better prospect of livelihood and who in the process had encouraged their wives and women-family members to be on their own and give themselves as well as agriculture a chance, are being blamed for thrusting responsibility on women.

As per this news report from ‘The NEWS Minute’, men are being unfair and ignorant of their family members.

The reporter has conveniently failed to highlight the facts or outcomes of the process:

1. Women have been presented a situation where they can be on their own and be independent on their spouses for livelihood.

2. Women have been given a chance to be decision-makers when it comes to decisions related to their work and agriculture.

3. Needless to say they have become more empowered overall in the long run.

4. Boys, who had to dropout of their schools in villages in an attempt to earn along with their fathers, are forced to live an entire life of uncertainty as they will not be able to complete their education, most will stay uneducated forever.

5. Lack of education amongst boys will contribute less or will be counter-productive to the success and happiness quotient of themselves and the family in the long run, including their mothers and sisters they have left education for.

6. In their efforts to move out of the comforts of the village home, men are also taking up more challenges thrusted upon them, taking more responsibility for the sake of their families, which includes the women the report seems to be complaining about.

Below are a few reactions the news post has got from twitteraties which sumup the entire situation.  

  1. #FeminismIsRetarded Gets What It Wants
  2. It seems Patriarchy has transformed into clueless Matriarchy 
  3. Boys dropping out of school for lowwage jobs, lifelong uncertainty is unimportant. #FeminismIsCruel, stupid, idiotic.

Leaving you with the original news which is being referred to in this post.

Title: Climate change affects all, but women are facing new, more severe challenges, reports ‘The NEWS minute’.

Sub-Title: On the positive side, women are discovering new roles as decision-makers.

IANS| Monday, January 30, 2017 – 11:

By: Azera Parveen Rahman


Men migrating to bigger towns in search of employment, to support their families back home in the villages, is not uncommon. Climate change, which has caused a spike in natural disasters, has upped this “push” factor, adding to others like poverty and unemployment.

But what about women?

Not only has there been a rise in trafficking of women, but a World Bank study has also found that 14 per cent households in India are now women-headed, mainly because of male migration, creating an additional burden on them.

This feminisation of climate change-induced challenges has, however, not got the attention of government agencies. This is a serious gap that needs to be addressed, says a new study by ActionAid, Climate Action Network-South Asia, and Brot Fuer Die Welt (Bread for the World). The study, Climate Change Knows No Borders, analyses climate-induced migration and the challenges involved in South Asia, including India.


One read the news post here.


2016 Olympics: Mockery of Mocking the Mocked

In 2012 Olympics when Indian men won more medals – four as compared to two –  than women, we talked about how men had outshined women and how can women’s performance be improved. A similar discussion had happened after the 2008 Olympics during which India has won 3 medals, all of which went to men and in 2004 when Rajyavardhan Rather had won the solitary medal for India. It’s important to highlight that during  all these Olympics, women were not mocked at, and rightly so, much in contrast to the  recently concluded 2016 Olympics, during which Indian women won two medals, while none went to men. As this happened, we Indians, in all our jingoism, circulated many sexist messages on social media, the mainstream media came up with many sexist headlines and carried many sexist articles in the lure of increasing their TRPs/viewership by tapping the common emotional Indian’s sentiment that women have bettered men and men aren’t doing enough. In fact much to disbelief of some, a sporting authority durung a media debrief went to the extent of prompting and forcing a winning athlete to talk in words synchronous to the nationwide Sachcha Bharat campaign, with an intent to reap in political mileage and benefit out of her win.

For all this fiasco of mocking the not-so-successful Indian Olympic delegates on the basis of their gender and painting a political colour to India’s wins, I need to ask, can’t we just enjoy the game and be happy for the winners or the participants?

There is a Gymnast Deepa Karmakar, who represented India first time in an Olympics final and there is a racewalker Manish Sigh Rawat who – with 408 times less funds than what his US counterpart gets – defeated former world champions, three Asian champions, two European champions and two Olympic medallists only to finish a few seconds behind the bronze medallist in the racewalking finals. Both these real life winners, with all the struggles they faced, failed to win India a medal. But in any possible way, is Deepa’s struggle more difficult than that of Manish, just because she belongs to a gender which is considered to be lesser privileged? Without any such comparison, why don’t we encourage everyone to do better? 

To everyone who has indulged in circulating messages or articles that unnecessarily mock make olympics participants down, while comparing them to their female counterparts, I ask a few basic questions:

1. Out of a country of more than 1.25 billion, only 117 Indians participated in 2016 Olympics. Should we now bash up all the other 1.25 billion population who didn’t qualify, didn’t participate or didn’t even attempt to participate at the Olympics?

2. Out of a total of 28 sports, India participated in 15. On being unsuccessful in participating in the remaining 13 disciplines, should the Indian players of these 13 sports be subjected to Court Marshalls and stripped of their sporting uniforms for not being able to represent India?

3. Should all the Indian cricketers and kabaddi players be humiliated for choosing a sport that doesn’t find itself in the Olympics? Does anything of this sort take anything away from efforts the Indian Olympians put in?

4. Out of 207 participating nations at the 2016 Olympics, India finds itself around the 70th position, which is abysmal for the biggest democracy, 2nd most populous country or one of the top 10 geographically largest nation of the world. Now on being lesser successful narion as compared to the remaining 60-odd nations, should the Indian contingent be beaten up black and blue? Have they in anyway put lesser efforts than the other supporting nations?

5. Another matter of fact is that Indians with ‘special abilities’ won more medals in Paralympics as compared to able-bodied Indians in Olympics. Does the lack of success of Olympians as compared to Paralympians give us a justification to disrespect and humiliate them?

6. I am sure most of us do not know the name of a single Paralympic player. Does this lack of awareness amongst us Indians give us a license to mock each other and amputate each other’s body parts in an effort to support those specialty abled Paralympians?

Can we just accept the fact that it is hard for an Indian to pursue sports – mainstream of otherwise – and much more difficult to be an Olympic player?
Can we all for a moment pause and applaud these masters of the games, bow down in front of them for their dedication, hard work and efforts and shower them with a lot of love, respect and blessings instead of demeaning their efforts, being critical and smirking at them? Because it won’t be a long time before they disapper from our memories completely only to find them in a dilapidated shanty or running pillar to post trying to make their ends meet, desperately struggling for basics in their life, while we enjoy a priviledged cup of our daily coffee in an air-conditioned room.
Keywords: 2016 Olympics, Gender Discrimination, India, Men, Olympics, Misandry

The LAMP Act – An IITians Proposal to India, Indians & NRIs

Today, 17th July, is being celebrated across the world as International Justice Day, also called as World Day for International Justice or Day of International Criminal Justice.

The main intention of this day is to recognize, appreciate and encourage efforts against injustice meted out to the underprivileged, discriminated and deprived, against rising war crimes, genocide or any other social disturbance that leads to injustice. Each year, on this day various events are held over the world to promote international criminal justice.

This day has been successful in attracting attention towards the growing injustice to a specific sect within the society.


“Criminals don’t think twice before committing a crime. Criminals do not fear the kind of punishment. Criminals do not care if it is 10 years or 20 years. Criminals also do not care whether the conviction rate is 20% or 30%. But what the criminals do care about is how soon they will get the punishment. And if there are a lot of clogged up cases there will be more crime, not less crime.”, says Deeptanshu.

The Parallel Opinion takes this opportunity to share a TEDx talk by Deeptanshu Shukla, an IIT Kanpur graduate, who proposes the LAMP Act, which is he suggests will be a comprehensive law against misuse of all laws.
The LAMP Act or Misuse of Law Prevention Act as he describes, could have easily been called Prevention of Misuse of All Laws (PMAL read in reverse). This act, as he describes, will add a blanket anti-misuse clause to all laws which are abused so that only genuine victims come forward to file cases and vexatious litigants and their frivolous complaints are kept away.

Concerned about the collapsing and clogged up judiciary, as he says “Sometimes justice is not to hang someone or punish someone!” as he talks about increasing number of frivolous cases slapped on the innocents.

As someone who was once a helpless victim and now a staunch activist against misuse of laws, Deeptanshu understands the pain and suffering of many Indians who have suffered quietly being at the receiving end of law-misuse. His voice represents the voices of the whole of resident Indians and the entire community of Non-Resident Indians or NRIs.

This LAMP Act could be a major step towards a common objective of the second biggest population of the world that directly falls under the preview of probably the single biggest setup of binding laws and probably the single biggest crumbling judiciary!
While stressing on the need to keep a check on the influx of cases to courts along with their speedy disposal, he urges and appeals everyone to sign up his online petition. References to Roman principles which forbid law abusers giving false testimony from seeking protection under the same setup which they have disrespected make the speech intriguing and interesting.

We now leave you with the video of the TEDx talk. You can also watch it here.


Mother’s Day, Father’s Day & The Child!

There has been a Whatsapp message floating around for a few days now which is directed towards mothers, who while staying with their kid(s) have alienated the father of the child or her husband away from the kid(s).
They have been able to alienate the fathers from their children with the help of Indian judicial system and prevailing laws, accusing their husbands with false domestic violence, dowry or other offences made available to them by laws heavily biased against men.
Most of them have misused the provisions of laws, simply because they exist, or just because it is very easy to get rid of the man they have begun to dislike or the person who they think they don’t need anymore, having got the child from him, using his sperms.

And they have been invariably successful and how!

Although as per the law, the father is the natural and first guardian of his child, these unscrupulous women have successfully been able to dodge the kids’ fathers away leading to parental alienation, that is taking a toll not just on the child stuck in the muddle, but also the child’s father.

Many accuse the father of a molestation, rape or violence when such a father attempts to meet his children during such disputes.
Fathers who face such situations are made to face more litigation in courts, which becomes mentally and financially taxing on him and his survival.
At times a restriction order is put up against the man disallowing him to enter his own home, which is the occupied by his wife who facilitates free willful entry for her paramours.

Options for him which already were limited, are reduced further. He applies and waits for a court order for visitation rights or his basic right to have access to his child, which he is often denied due to the complexity of legal procedure the judiciary follows.

Many are forced give up the thought of meeting or seeing their children forever!

The deep pain such a man suffers – as he is stopped to meet, see or even know about his child’s well being – leads to a life full of irritability, frustration, anguish, unhappiness and depression.

At a broader level, such parental alienation – which statistics have confirmed impacts such unlucky fathers much more than it affects these privileged women – leaves deep psychological scars on the child, the father and even the mothers misusing such provisions to alienate fathers. In other words the entire family and thus society gets impacted, who begin to perceive things negatively creating more and more unrest amongst themselves.

In such a situation or circumstances, such alienated fathers, in desperation and with a unfailing hope, seek to newer and newer ways to connect with their lost child again.

Hopes of meeting children increase with occasions – like summer vacation, fathers day, children’s day, festive seasons like Diwali, Eid, Christmas!

This year too i.e. at the onset of summer vacations 2016, such fathers have been trying hard to get a glimpse of their child.
They know that it is 7th May today and tomorrow is 8th May, when the world will celebrate “Mother’s Day”!
They know that their child needs a mother. But they also know that the child needs their father as well!
It will soon be 19th June 2016, which will be Father’s Day!
And they want to be with their child and be together for ever!

This year they have devised a new means of floating a message on WhatsApp, almost pleading their wives to be a good mom and let her children and their fathers meet each!

I leave you all with this message that says it all!


Man Of The Millennium – this Great Good Indian Samaritan

I am personally ashamed that I was not aware of the existence of this noble and great man, Kalyanasundaram honoured by US Govt.

I feel equally ashamed that India Govt has conferred ‘Bharat Ratna’ on Sachin Tendulkar, who seeks and gets exemption of customs duty on a ‘Ferrari’ which he got free, who reportedly earns crores of rupees (in hundreds) every year.

Mr. Kalayanasundaram worked as a Librarian for 30 years. Every month in his 30 year experience (service), he donated his entire salary to help the needy. He worked as a server in a hotel to meet his needs. He donated even his pension amount of about ten lakh rupees to the needy.

Man Of The Millennium – Mr Kalayanasundaram

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He is the first person in the world to spend the entire earnings for a social cause. In recognition to his service, the American government honoured him with the ‘Man of the Millennium’ award! He received a sum of Rs 30 crores as part of this award which he distributed entirely for the needy as usual.

Moved by his passion to help others, Super Star Rajinikanth adopted him as his father. He still stays as a bachelor and dedicated his entire life for serving the society.

All Indian Politicians, Film stars, Business magnets, cricketers Press and we all Indians should be PROUD and also should be ashamed of ourselves. American Government has honored him but we Indians even don’t know that such a personality exist amongst us.

Atleast lets have the courtesy to pass this on and on till the whole world comes to know about this Great Good Samaritan.

Although the Indian government may not recognise your achievements, but we Indians are extremely proud of you!
Hat’s off Mr. Kalayanasundaram!!!

WA MSG: A Few Indian Tips To Counter Rising Temperatures

In India, “Agni Nakshatra” starts from May-4 and ends on May-28.

The temperature hits the highest during this period and this time.

During this summer of 2016, it may hit 43 degrees according to the news. This is the first time Bangalore is going to witness such high temperature.

Few Things to do to during this period to beat the heat.

• Intake three to four litres of water in a day, must and should. Make the kids sip water in regular intervals.

• Reduce the intake of non-vegetarian and oily food and refrigerated water as this will generate more heat in the body. Instead of refrigerated water you can drink mud pot water.

• Make sure your family especially the kids drink / eat  more of  lemon juice, watermelon, tender coconut, cucumber, Cumin seed water, buttermilk.

• When you feel weak mix 50ml ginger juice and 50ml lemon juice, added with two spoons of water with honey. This will boost the energy levels.

• Don’t drink more of Bottled packaged waters as it may affect the functioning of the kidney.

• Oil baths twice a week is a must. Use Castor oil weekly once. Apply generously to the scalp, Stomach navel, private parts, and eyes. This will reduce the heat. Applying Castrol to navel will reduce the stomach pain caused due to heat in kids.

• Intake fenugreek water on a daily basis as it would increase the body’s ability to bear heat. (15-20 fenugreek seeds should be put in a glass of water at night and then consume the water in the morning empty stomach).

• Wear light cotton clothings.

MBA Indian Wife complaints dowry harassment because her Husband is a Peon

MBA IndianWife complaints (fakely) Dowry Harrasment because she doesn’t want to stay with her Husband who is a Peon. She finds him against her newly acquired social status.
Ironically, the husband was the one who facilitated her higher education saving every penny he earned!

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