Feminism attempts to create a perception that Climate Change in South Asia affects women more than men.

Some time ago, feminists had called climate change sexist. They opined that climate and nature takes a course such that it differentiates women and men in its treatment.

Reading that if you thought feminism can’t get more stupid in its objectivity, you will be in for a surprise. 

In a similar attempt in South Asia, feminists are creating a theory that severe acute climate change in South Asia – precisely India and Bangladesh – which includes continuous periods  of lack of rains and draught is being unfair to women.

As men from the sub-continent, who used to be solely dependent on agriculture for their livelihood, were forced to venture out to cities & towns for better prospect of livelihood and who in the process had encouraged their wives and women-family members to be on their own and give themselves as well as agriculture a chance, are being blamed for thrusting responsibility on women.

As per this news report from ‘The NEWS Minute’, men are being unfair and ignorant of their family members.

The reporter has conveniently failed to highlight the facts or outcomes of the process:

1. Women have been presented a situation where they can be on their own and be independent on their spouses for livelihood.

2. Women have been given a chance to be decision-makers when it comes to decisions related to their work and agriculture.

3. Needless to say they have become more empowered overall in the long run.

4. Boys, who had to dropout of their schools in villages in an attempt to earn along with their fathers, are forced to live an entire life of uncertainty as they will not be able to complete their education, most will stay uneducated forever.

5. Lack of education amongst boys will contribute less or will be counter-productive to the success and happiness quotient of themselves and the family in the long run, including their mothers and sisters they have left education for.

6. In their efforts to move out of the comforts of the village home, men are also taking up more challenges thrusted upon them, taking more responsibility for the sake of their families, which includes the women the report seems to be complaining about.

Below are a few reactions the news post has got from twitteraties which sumup the entire situation.  

  1. #FeminismIsRetarded Gets What It Wants
  2. It seems Patriarchy has transformed into clueless Matriarchy 
  3. Boys dropping out of school for lowwage jobs, lifelong uncertainty is unimportant. #FeminismIsCruel, stupid, idiotic.

Leaving you with the original news which is being referred to in this post.

Title: Climate change affects all, but women are facing new, more severe challenges, reports ‘The NEWS minute’.

Sub-Title: On the positive side, women are discovering new roles as decision-makers.

IANS| Monday, January 30, 2017 – 11:

By: Azera Parveen Rahman


Men migrating to bigger towns in search of employment, to support their families back home in the villages, is not uncommon. Climate change, which has caused a spike in natural disasters, has upped this “push” factor, adding to others like poverty and unemployment.

But what about women?

Not only has there been a rise in trafficking of women, but a World Bank study has also found that 14 per cent households in India are now women-headed, mainly because of male migration, creating an additional burden on them.

This feminisation of climate change-induced challenges has, however, not got the attention of government agencies. This is a serious gap that needs to be addressed, says a new study by ActionAid, Climate Action Network-South Asia, and Brot Fuer Die Welt (Bread for the World). The study, Climate Change Knows No Borders, analyses climate-induced migration and the challenges involved in South Asia, including India.


One read the news post here.


Global Digital Snapshot – Mobile, Mobile Data, Social Media Growth and Penetration

If this tells us anything…

Disclaimer: The stats and images were received as a forwarded message in social media and the author of this post has no bearing on them including its accuracy or authenticity.

Police Debunk Woman’s Rape Charge Against Father-in-law

PANCHKULA: The police have termed as false the allegations of a 29-year old woman, of Sector-12, that she was raped by her father-in-law more than 2 years ago. This was revealed after police had initially registered a case and recorded her statement before the magistrate under section 164 of CrPC.

“The father-in-law is under 77 year old and remains unfit. For the last two years he has been suffering from Prostate Cancer. The rape allegations are false”, said sector 14 SHO inspector Sukhbir Singh.

Incidentally, the woman is undergoing a matrimonial dispute. The police remained inaccessible for the most part of the day, claiming that there were instructions from top brass. Five rape cases have been reported in January.

4,206 Fake Cases Filed in Jaipur in 2016

​JAIPUR: The Jaipur police have found that 4,206 fake cases were reported in Jaipur between 2015-16. In most cases, a false complaint was filed with an aim to extort money or defame a person to settle personal scores.

According to a senior police officer, these fake cases included allegations of harassment for dowry, molestation, cheating, and rape. These startling figures surfaces when Prafull Kumar, additional commissioner police (First) asked all DCP offices to provide details about cases where final report (FR) was found to be false.

“We have directed all DCPs to file a legal case against people involved in filing false case under Section 182 (IPC),” Kumar told TOI.

According to figures accessed by the TOI, maximum false reports, 1,417 were filed in Jaipur (East), followed by Jaipur (West) which found that 1,326 cases were false.

A senior official said that filing FIR in Rajasthan is not an arduous procedure unlike in states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. “Rajasthan police immediately registers the FIR in cases related to rape, sexual harassment, molestation and dowry demand, which is a good step. But during subsequent investigation, we found the allegations were made merely to implicate a person in cases in order to extort money,” cops said.

The concerns of Jaipur police may not be out of proportion when one looks at the crime figures. For instance, Jaipur-East, one of the most crime prone police area of the city, disposed of 60 cases of rape, out of which 30 were found to be false.

“Our investigation revealed that 50% of cases filed under Section 376 were false. It’s a staggering figure which is unfortunate. The police stations are already overburdened with flood of cases, and we spend half of our times on probing cases which have no genuine ground,” a senior official told TOI.

Cops recall an incident where a 27-year- old girl alleged that she was sexually harassed by his 52-year-old landlord. A case was registered by the police, but the subsequent investigation revealed that landlord was asking the girl to pay the pending rent of three months, the girl decided to file a complaint in order to implicate the landlord.

Woman withdraws plaint off Molestation against friend

​Bengaluru: A 28year old woman from North India who’s a private firm employee in the city, lodged a complaint of molestation against her friend last week. She has withdrawn the complaint, tendering a written apology saying monetary feud with her friend promoted her to make a false allegation.

The women had approached Viveknagar police and made a statement saying her friend had tried to molest her in his car. Police asked her to identify the place where the incident took place. “She changed her version. Since it was a case of molestation, we didn’t question her much. We detained the accused, but he denied the charges. He says the woman was unhappy because he spent Rs2,500 given by her to repair her cellphone for his own purpose.”

“We summoned her to the police station and made the duo sit together. Then she confessed to have filed a false complaint”, police added.

Men are persecuted at every level, says founder of men’s rights organisation

​Even as Women’s Day celebrations continue, founder of a men’s rights organisation speaks about gender equality and laws, which he feels are skewed in favour of women

Even as International Women’s Day is marked and celebrated on 8th March every year and the party for women continues before and after the women’s day, Vaastav Foundation NGO president, Amit Deshpande (Vaastav is an umbrella body of men’s rights organisations), says that International Men’s Day, marked on November 19 does not have the visibility or marketing acumen of Women’s Day, “but is growing in significance every year.”

Dombivli-based instrumentation engineer Deshpande states that Vaastav Foundation was launched on November 19, 2013, for the different men’s rights groups in Mumbai, the Indian Family Foundation, Borivli; Protect Indian Family Foundation, Mulund; MASHAAL (Mothers And Sisters of Husbands Against Abuse of Law).
Though Vaastav has men’s rights groups under its wing, it is also an avenue for certain women’s forums such as the All India Mother-in-law Protection Forum, where women jailed in false dowry harassment cases and in false domestic violence cases have nowhere to go.
In an atmosphere charged with anger over the spate of sexual harassment cases towards women, Deshpande put the focus on false rape cases, which he says, “are being filed with impunity by some women. False sexual harassment cases affects the women of the wrongly accused as well. This is not women empowerment, but only empowerment of unscrupulous elements,” says the angry engineer with conviction.


Q. What are the most common complaints your organisation receives?

A. The maximum cases we get are about false dowry harassment and false domestic violence cases. Recently, there has also been a surge in the number of false cases of sexual harassment at workplace. Many men complain of facing abusive marriages, wherein the wife subjects them to domestic violence.

Q. Generally, what is the social strata of the male complainants?

A. There is no general pattern for these cases. People from all sections of society are affected.

Q. What do you do to help these people?

A. Once a case is filed, the biggest problem a man faces is that everyone looks at him with suspicion, he is persecuted at every level of the society — police, judiciary, media. Men need to be heard without judgement. We only provide them with emotional strength to fight the false cases.

Q. Do authorities/police listen to these complaints? Do victims find it difficult to get the police to file an FIR?

A. There is no law under which a man can report an incidence of domestic violence perpetrated by his wife. Usually, victims face ridicule and ostracisation at police stations. If at all the complaint is accepted, it is reported as a non-cognisable offence (NC).

Q. In Indian society, except in a few cases, it is still very much a man’s world…

A. Indian society always had the equilibrium for men and women. If women played the role of caretakers, men played the role of protectors/ providers. In case of natural calamities or wars, it was always assumed that men would protect women and children at all costs. In patriarchy, men had economic dominance, but women had emotional dominance. If a woman tied a string around a man’s wrist and called him her brother, she would get a protector for herself who was supposed to give his life for her safety. It never was only a man’s world as it is made out to be.

Q. Men are raping and molesting women, women are not harassing men…

A. It is a myth that women are not harassing men. Men get raped and sexually harassed, groped just as women do. We, as a society, need to wake up to reality. On December 4, 2012, the Cabinet cleared the Criminal Law Amendment Bill 2010 which had made rape gender-neutral which means rape victims as well as perpetrators could be men or women. The Delhi rape case happened and the government brought the ordinance for rape law which still kept rape gender neutral. Later, some organisations protested and forced the government to make rape law gender biased.

Q. What about the Delhi rape case?

A. We sympathise with victims of all genders and all crimes, but we need to understand that most rape cases are sexual liaisons gone awry. If a couple has intercourse before marriage and the boy breaks the relationship then the female can file a rape case, which happens in most cases of rape complaints. This is also how in 98 per cent of the rape cases, the perpetrator is known to the victim.

Q. The Shakti Mills case?

A. Our society progresses upon creating competition between men. A man is judged by his manhood by being a protector/provider which he has to prove to be accepted as a real man. This concept also creates the ‘waste’ of the society who lose out in this competition. Such people live on the fringes of society and have their own dark alleys. The tea-vendor outside Shakti Mills said he is selling tea since past 15 years there but never had the courage to enter inside. This tells us that there are certain areas which are out of reach for both men and women. Until we stop measuring men based upon their achievements only, unfortunately such alleys will continue to exist. Shakti Mills case was one such incident.

Q. We still have a way to go before men and women are considered equals — gender statistics show this…

A. I disagree, which statistics show this? Every year, twice as many men commit suicide in India as compared to women. In our cities, more females are graduating from universities as compared to males. In industrial hazardous risks, it is 100 per cent male exposure. I can provide sources for all this data. The future is about gender equality in the true sense. It no longer can be accepted that one section keeps the rights and the other keeps responsibilities. It has to be divided equally.

This interview was published in Mid-Day on 09-Mar-2014.

The Rationale of issuing new 2000 rupee note instead of 1000 rupee note

​This is an Open letter to Arvind Kejriwal by a Chartered Accountant to explain the probable Logic behind issuing New 2000 Rupee Note instead of 1000 Rupee Note.
Sir, I am a practising Chartered Accountant aged 28 in Surat and I was very hopeful that you would support the Notification for Demonetization of Currency and was very eager for your Reaction because your very entry into Politics was for supporting any small move to reduce Black money and Corruption and after all, this was indeed a very big and bold move….!
But after going through the Video released yesterday, my expectations from AAP as a Commonmen were shattered once again because I believed that a person of such stature and designation as you would spread positivity all around without any ifs and buts to make this Mega Clean-up Drive possible and rather help the common men in mitigating the problems rather than nagging about the same and hence I would like to bring to your knowledge the following Points.
Point 1
As you have stated in your Video that it took full 2 days for you to understand the various aspects of the Scheme and even after consultation with various Experts , you could not basically understand the Logic of why 2000 Rupee Notes were released instead of 1000 Rupee Note, I would like to make an attempt to tender my best possible logic ( Please enlighten me if I am wrong somewhere) as follows:
Sir, let us Simply take 2 Scenarios to understand the funda !
Scenario A : If as per your suggestion ,  Rs. 2000 Note are not issued but only New Rs. 1000 Notes are issued.
Lets say , for example Mr. X has Rs. 1,00,000/- black money in 100 Old Notes of Rs. 1000 each.
Mr. X divides those Rs. 1,00,000/- into 10 Equal Bundles, each comprising of 10 Old Notes of Rs. 1000 each and puts each Stack on a Table.

On Day 1 , in the morning Mr. X would deposit the first Bundle i.e. 10 Old Notes of Rs. 1000 valued at Rs. 10,000 into the bank and on same Day 1 in the Evening he would withdraw 10 New Notes of Rs. 1000 again valued at Rs. 10,000 and put it in the Locker in his house.
Now the real Game starts.

On Day 2 : Morning , Mr. X would deposit the second bundle of 10 Old Notes of Rs. 1000 valued at Rs. 10,000 kept on the Table. However in his books of accounts submitted to Income Tax Department, he will show that he has deposited the same 10 New Notes which was withdrawn on Day 1 : Evening ( which is actually still lying in the Locker of House )
On Day 2 : Evening , Mr. X would again withdraw 10 New Notes of Rs. 1000 valued at Rs. 10,000/- and keep the same in Locker . So at the end of Day 2, Mr. X has Rs. 80,000 on Table in Old Notes and Rs. 20,000/- in New Notes in Locker.
Now Day 3 will come in next week as limit of Rs. 20000 per week.
The same exercise shall continue till Day 10 and by the end of Day 10, Mr. X shall have no Old Notes and Rs. 1,00,000 in 100 New 1000 Rupee Note in the Locker.
However, to the Income Tax Department, Mr. X has shown that he was having only Rs. 10,000/- as black money initially ( i.e. one bundle of 10 Notes of Rs. 1000 ) and he has rotated the same Rs. 10,000/- by depositing it into Bank account in the morning and withdrawing it in the evening and again redepositing the same on next day and so on.
Thus, Mr. X has paid tax only on initial Rs. 10,000 whereas he has managed to convert all his Black money of Rs. 1,00,000 into new Notes.

This Modus operandi is called Peak theory i.e. theory of rotation of same money which is accepted by most of the High Courts and Tribunals.  Revenue is also helpless to catch Mr. X because the above scenario can also occur in genuine cases where you withdraw money from bank to purchase something and then when you think that no good deal is available, you may again deposit the same money into your bank account and are not required to pay tax again.
Scenario B :  Watch what happens when PM issues New 2000 Rupee Note instead of 1000….! 

Mr. X deposits first bundle of 10 Old Notes lying on Table in the Bank on Day 1 : Morning and then he withdraws 5 New Notes of Rs. 2000 on Day 1: Evening and keeps it in locker.

Now on Day 2 : Morning when he goes to deposit second bundle of 10 Old Notes of Rs. 1000 each and wrongly shows the Income Tax Department that he has redeposited the same money which was withdrawn on Day 1:Evening – Bingo !!!
He is caught red handed !! because the Bank slip on Day 2 submitted to bank shows deposition of 10 Notes of Rs. 1000 each whereas the Govt knows that Mr. X could never have withdrawn on Day 1 any note of Rs. 1000 because they were never Printed !!!!

Now Isn’t it really a Master Stroke by Mr. Narendra Modi, the beloved Prime Minister of our country ?!
Sir, you have stated in the Video that if Someone gives you the logic of issuing New notes of Rs. 2000 instead of Rs. 1000, you will Salute the PM and support him in his endeavour. I hope this explanations finds you in good health and I am waiting for the support in full sense.
Even if the above explanation is not completely true, we should rely on and respect the PM of our country who is elected through clear democratic majority.
Further, the fact that when someone is holding the new Rs. 2000 Rupee Note , he is phychologicaly getting a sense of freshness that the country is in the growth phase. Messages are being circulated not to write anything on New Notes. Imagine if the Govternment would have never issued new higher denominations notes with inflation and growth we would still be dealing with Annas and Pavlis!!
Sir, the above example also gives you an explanation as to why the withdrawal limit is kept so low because the above modus operandi can still be done with Rs. 500 note however, the incentive would be less because Mr. X cannot withdraw more than Rs. 10000/- in a day and even if he withdraws Rs. 10,000/-, there is every possibility that Banks shall give Mr. X,  2000 Rupee note. So Mr. X cannot follow the above modus operandi.
And believe me Sir, each and every condition in the Notification is seen to take care of the problems likely to be faced by Citizens and at the same time making sure that such Sophisticated theories are not resorted to by Black money hoarders, but questioning everything in the name of Freedom of Expression may create Panic situations or bring out Loopholes and hamper the success of reforms.
Point 2
Sir, you have again criticised and stated in the Video that printing Rs. 2000 rupee note will help to increase Corruption because Stacking those Rs. 2000 Rupee Notes would require lesser Space as compared to Stacking Rs. 1000 Notes.
In this regard, I would like to ask that Sir, have you come across any case where the “Babus” have not taken any bribe and done work honestly because they had a small Bag which could not be fitted with Rs 1000 Notes ?!
Or have you come across any Businessman who has declared unaccounted money solely because there was no space to keep those Rs. 1000 Notes !!
Point 3
As stated in the Video by you, it is true that inspite of PM efforts, there shall be dubious commission agents and unaccounted Investment in gold through jewellers, but as far as I remember when the jewellers were on strike for 45 days when our PM levied excise duty on gold in month of April 2016, it was you who supported their strike. It shows that whenever some changes are suggested to regulate a particular Market, AAP opposes them and then now you nag that the Gold market is unregulated.
Infact I believe that the PM had a full blue print for the development of our country right from Day 1 of his being elected if I recall my last 3 years as a Professional.
Firstly they asked for all the bank account number in your Return of Income
Then they linked your PAN with Aadhar
They linked all the subsidies, pension and other benefits directly to your bank account through Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme.
Then they gave opportunity to all the common men to open an account with bank through Jan Dhan Yojna
They entered into revised treaty with most of the countries in which unaccounted money goes through HAWALA e.g. Mauritius and thus the route of Black Money coming from Mauritius which everyone knew is stopped.
They passed few strict laws to overcome the evil of black money such as Benami Transaction Act and Foreign Black Money Act
They levied Excise duty on Gold.
They also made TCS compulsory for Cash transactions above 2 lakhs.
They withdrew lakhs of pending income tax and service tax litigations where Common men had won at Appeal level and Department had gone further.
They also entered into information exchange agreement with such countries.
Then they gave last opportunity to all black money hoarders through Income Declaration Scheme, 2016
Now they have a Scheme for Dispute Resolution Panel again to reduce Litigation till December 2016.
Now the masterstroke, that they have banned Rs. 500 &  Rs. 1000 denominations.
Not only the destination of this whole process is commendable but even the journey or the chronology of these events is interesting which explains the ultimate destination and who knows , may be the journey is still not over and the ultimate destination may still be the Swiss Account holders!!
Point 4
Further, you have stated in your Video that penalty would be levied at the rate of 200%. The said statement has created a panic and people have stated discounting their own hard earned cash.
Being in Income tax Department in the past , you ought to know that as per the present Income Tax Act,1961 penalty is never levied on Cash deposits but on “concealed income”. Hence when the common men is depositing Cash in hand which is duly accounted or out of his past savings and even out of unaccounted current years income whose return is yet to be filed, there shall not be any penalty if there is no mismatch between returned income and assessed income. Even the Government Officials in their statement used the words “underreporting” or “mismatch”. To understand the definition of  “underreporting”, Sir please refer Section 270A of the Income Tax Act or go through the following article:
Instead you could have encouraged the citizens to pay appropriate Tax.
Point 5
Nowhere in the Video have you stated anything relating to Fake currency or Counterfeit Notes because you know that the issue of Existing Fake Currency is solved foolproof.
Which situation would be better ?
Scenario A:
A Labourer standing in queue to exchange Notes from bank for a Short term.
Scenario B :
A Labourer working hard whole day to get a Fake Note at the end of the day?!
The issue of Terrorrist Funding is also tackled but you chose to remain silent on the same.
You have stated that Modiji should have infused Rs 100 Note from before and it would have been you only to have said in this video that “Arre ATM se do din pehle se hi Sirf Rs. 100 ki Note bahar aa rahi thi toh sab ko pata tha , yek koi Secret nahi tha”
Now Sir,  if I am to believe that you really don’t understand these simple concepts even after consulting with Experts for 2 days as already described by you, I am deeply saddened because the common men believe that you are an IITian and have spent considerable time in Income Tax Department also.
Contrary to the same, If I am to believe that you already know the benefits of demonetization which I first learnt in Standard 8 when subject of economics was introduced to me and the concept of Peak Theory which is described by me above and which I learnt with my very limited experience while pursuing my profession of Chartered Accountancy , then I am more saddened and feel AAP Party as more dangerous because I believe that above any religion, politics or reservations in any caste or creed, it will always be education which shall uplift the common men and it is the common men who have elevated you to a position where you are looked by millions as their Idol and it is your duty to educate them and spread knowledge and not keep them in ignorance to preserve your vote bank.
I am grateful to all my Teachers who have selflessly shared their knowledge and some fellow members of CA fraternity who are playing an active role in creating awareness and educating Commonmen about the positive consequences of Demonetization true to the Jewel crowned to the profession as “Partner in Nation Building” and I would therefore like to  advise the citizens not to sell the notes at discounted prices or deposit the cash into bank accounts of other benami persons in fear of penalty. Further, do not claim any bogus expenses or bogus loss to gain more trouble. Do not manipulate accounts by creating bogus cash on hand. Be sporty and pay tax honestly to buy peace of building capital.
Jai Hind.
CA Mehul Shah
PS : Sir, Please share the same explanation to Rahul Gandhiji too as lately you both share the same thoughts and statements and have same queries.
Wait for a miraculous amount of tax collection this year !!
I have mainly written this Letter mainly for my love for writing and my love for questioning and understanding the concepts and in view of the freedom of speech and expression my country offers and hope that no one is offended.
– CA Mehul Shah
This is a WhatsApp forward that’s been featured in the blog as a parallel opinion on DEMONETIZATION.