Woman withdraws plaint off Molestation against friend

​Bengaluru: A 28year old woman from North India who’s a private firm employee in the city, lodged a complaint of molestation against her friend last week. She has withdrawn the complaint, tendering a written apology saying monetary feud with her friend promoted her to make a false allegation.

The women had approached Viveknagar police and made a statement saying her friend had tried to molest her in his car. Police asked her to identify the place where the incident took place. “She changed her version. Since it was a case of molestation, we didn’t question her much. We detained the accused, but he denied the charges. He says the woman was unhappy because he spent Rs2,500 given by her to repair her cellphone for his own purpose.”

“We summoned her to the police station and made the duo sit together. Then she confessed to have filed a false complaint”, police added.