Mother’s Day, Father’s Day & The Child!

There has been a Whatsapp message floating around for a few days now which is directed towards mothers, who while staying with their kid(s) have alienated the father of the child or her husband away from the kid(s).
They have been able to alienate the fathers from their children with the help of Indian judicial system and prevailing laws, accusing their husbands with false domestic violence, dowry or other offences made available to them by laws heavily biased against men.
Most of them have misused the provisions of laws, simply because they exist, or just because it is very easy to get rid of the man they have begun to dislike or the person who they think they don’t need anymore, having got the child from him, using his sperms.

And they have been invariably successful and how!

Although as per the law, the father is the natural and first guardian of his child, these unscrupulous women have successfully been able to dodge the kids’ fathers away leading to parental alienation, that is taking a toll not just on the child stuck in the muddle, but also the child’s father.

Many accuse the father of a molestation, rape or violence when such a father attempts to meet his children during such disputes.
Fathers who face such situations are made to face more litigation in courts, which becomes mentally and financially taxing on him and his survival.
At times a restriction order is put up against the man disallowing him to enter his own home, which is the occupied by his wife who facilitates free willful entry for her paramours.

Options for him which already were limited, are reduced further. He applies and waits for a court order for visitation rights or his basic right to have access to his child, which he is often denied due to the complexity of legal procedure the judiciary follows.

Many are forced give up the thought of meeting or seeing their children forever!

The deep pain such a man suffers – as he is stopped to meet, see or even know about his child’s well being – leads to a life full of irritability, frustration, anguish, unhappiness and depression.

At a broader level, such parental alienation – which statistics have confirmed impacts such unlucky fathers much more than it affects these privileged women – leaves deep psychological scars on the child, the father and even the mothers misusing such provisions to alienate fathers. In other words the entire family and thus society gets impacted, who begin to perceive things negatively creating more and more unrest amongst themselves.

In such a situation or circumstances, such alienated fathers, in desperation and with a unfailing hope, seek to newer and newer ways to connect with their lost child again.

Hopes of meeting children increase with occasions – like summer vacation, fathers day, children’s day, festive seasons like Diwali, Eid, Christmas!

This year too i.e. at the onset of summer vacations 2016, such fathers have been trying hard to get a glimpse of their child.
They know that it is 7th May today and tomorrow is 8th May, when the world will celebrate “Mother’s Day”!
They know that their child needs a mother. But they also know that the child needs their father as well!
It will soon be 19th June 2016, which will be Father’s Day!
And they want to be with their child and be together for ever!

This year they have devised a new means of floating a message on WhatsApp, almost pleading their wives to be a good mom and let her children and their fathers meet each!

I leave you all with this message that says it all!