Why Pink needs to be boycotted – and why Pink is painting men Black and Blue

​Pink movie has not only unleashed the Misandry within most of us but also taken it to dangerously extreme levels.
I have faced first hand reactions of people hating men more than an incident or an act.

I was having a discussion with someone who had watched the movie Pink and then I was grilled by a series of questions that were disrespectful towards men. Later during the same discussion but in some other context I was told something with the phrase so widely used “… just because you are a man.” The discussion implied that my thoughts weren’t respected as much as I am disrespected as a man.

I don’t want to divulge too much into what was being discussed but want to focus on how I felt.

During that grilling session, I felt as if I am being prosecuted, forced to answer questions and specifically in a way the person wants. Sharing my individuals thoughts would lead to further grilling. Silence, I thought, was the best answer.

After that grilling session, I felt completely humiliated. And humiliated not just because of the percieved thoughts of the other person about me – percieved as I had hardly said anything and barely expressed my thoughts – but more because I belonged to the male gender as all the venting out I was subjected to was centred around the fact that I am a man.

It was a forgettable experience. I had to gather myself. I wondered what went wrong and why I had to experience what I had during that discussion. It was clear – I was a victim of Misandry.

Thoughts generally prevailing in our society consider only woman can have modesty, however there are good men too out there and they too have a modesty, dignity and with that some self-respect.
Thoughts and opinions about being critical of all men in general are surfacing more after people have watched the movie Pink.

And this is just my experience and my story… I am sure there are many men out there having a similar humiliating discussions in their circles with which they are disgraced and dishonoured simply because they are men.

In the very language of the ideas and thoughts the movie wants to provoke, such discussions mocking all men is an ‘abuse’ of men for the simple fact that they are men.

People have started generalising and bucketing men they know or in their circles as criminals or probable criminals in imaginary situations with them!
Hatred against men has increased and people hating all men have stooped to new levels putting-down and criticizing men, in general.
This is nothing but utter radicalization and polarisation of our society against men.

Given the fact that this has increased substantially after the release of movie Pink and by the people who have watched the movie Pink, this radicalization and polarisation is directly due to the movie Pink.

I suggest a complete boycott of this movie called Pink.


2 thoughts on “Why Pink needs to be boycotted – and why Pink is painting men Black and Blue

  1. felt the anguish of being a Man and the guilt and hatred for being the same, that is being entrusted upon u after Pink, Being a Man is good enough for you to be being guilty of all crimes. A woman cant lie and her words r gospel truth that can decide the life and most death of a Man, his existence ends, their NO is NO and for a Man its end of all.
    Do not support hatred for any Women but cant stand Hatred for Men too
    if thats a crime, then Criminal I am.


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