Bahu Lao Maa Bhagao

​#BahuLaoMaaBhagao is what GOI and MinistryWCD are propogating when they say that Domestic Violence can happen only on daughter-in-laws and not on mother-in-laws!

As per this report, Government have submitted and affidavit to Supreme Court as per which mother-in-laws cant sue under Domestic Violence Act. This in turn means that as the government interprets, mother in law’s can not be victims of domestic violence. With this they have not only rendered The Protection Of Women under Domestic Violence Act more useless, but also made it more prone to misuse, legal extortion and abuse of law! Only God can save India!

Let’s forget for a moment that they are and always have been completely ignoring the male cohabitants which they think can’t suffer from domestic violence! πŸ˜‚
It’s clear that women for them are only the ‘smarter/younger women’ just like a Child for them are only the ‘female child’.
#Hypocrisy #Misandry


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