Reply To MKatju: Lynching of Mohd Akhlaq at Dadri

This is in response to below post from retired Supreme Court Magistrate M. Katju.
Justice Katju : I can take this no longer

It can also be read in the below screenshot from Facebook.

Original News:
In Dadri Lynching Case, Victim Mohd Akhlaq’s Mother, Wife Face Charges.

Story Highlights

  • Mohammad Akhlaq, 50, was lynched last year for allegedly eating beef
  • Villagers in Dadri had demanded action against Akhlaq’s family
  • Akhlaq’s family has left the village and are living in Delhi

My Reply to M. Kajtu:

​Sir, I also can take this no longer.
Where was your ferocious anger when in Dimapur, Nagaland an innocent man was lynched after someone who wanted to avenge a personal grudge got a fake rape case filed against him?
Where is your anger when daily, men commit suicide (suicide because they took their lives) due to threats and extortion using frivolous complaints and #FakeCases at the hands of greedy inlaws (wife and her kiln) due to a martial discord? This is in fact murder of married men, and not suicide, who end their lives at a rate of nearly a suicide every 8 minutes. Why do you keep quiet for this avoidable development?
Why do you turn a Nelson’s eye to such grave injustice meted out to ordinary men who are left alone – due to lack of support from Misandric society (Misandric men because they have been always ignorant about men’s issues and Misandric women because they find weaker men unattractive and ofcourse because benefit of doubt is usually given to women and for many other reasons)?
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