The LAMP Act – An IITians Proposal to India, Indians & NRIs

Today, 17th July, is being celebrated across the world as International Justice Day, also called as World Day for International Justice or Day of International Criminal Justice.

The main intention of this day is to recognize, appreciate and encourage efforts against injustice meted out to the underprivileged, discriminated and deprived, against rising war crimes, genocide or any other social disturbance that leads to injustice. Each year, on this day various events are held over the world to promote international criminal justice.

This day has been successful in attracting attention towards the growing injustice to a specific sect within the society.


“Criminals don’t think twice before committing a crime. Criminals do not fear the kind of punishment. Criminals do not care if it is 10 years or 20 years. Criminals also do not care whether the conviction rate is 20% or 30%. But what the criminals do care about is how soon they will get the punishment. And if there are a lot of clogged up cases there will be more crime, not less crime.”, says Deeptanshu.

The Parallel Opinion takes this opportunity to share a TEDx talk by Deeptanshu Shukla, an IIT Kanpur graduate, who proposes the LAMP Act, which is he suggests will be a comprehensive law against misuse of all laws.
The LAMP Act or Misuse of Law Prevention Act as he describes, could have easily been called Prevention of Misuse of All Laws (PMAL read in reverse). This act, as he describes, will add a blanket anti-misuse clause to all laws which are abused so that only genuine victims come forward to file cases and vexatious litigants and their frivolous complaints are kept away.

Concerned about the collapsing and clogged up judiciary, as he says “Sometimes justice is not to hang someone or punish someone!” as he talks about increasing number of frivolous cases slapped on the innocents.

As someone who was once a helpless victim and now a staunch activist against misuse of laws, Deeptanshu understands the pain and suffering of many Indians who have suffered quietly being at the receiving end of law-misuse. His voice represents the voices of the whole of resident Indians and the entire community of Non-Resident Indians or NRIs.

This LAMP Act could be a major step towards a common objective of the second biggest population of the world that directly falls under the preview of probably the single biggest setup of binding laws and probably the single biggest crumbling judiciary!
While stressing on the need to keep a check on the influx of cases to courts along with their speedy disposal, he urges and appeals everyone to sign up his online petition. References to Roman principles which forbid law abusers giving false testimony from seeking protection under the same setup which they have disrespected make the speech intriguing and interesting.

We now leave you with the video of the TEDx talk. You can also watch it here.



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