‘Protecting women does not mean punishing men’ says Arnab

He is right when he says that no one understands a man’s pain. In fact we all are programmed not to.

A man loses dignity, respect, honor, becomes a subject of gossips, unnecessary discussions, looked down upon, his entire world comes crashing down when he is falsely accused in a rape / anti-dowry case, especially in a society that disregards man’s suffering and desensitizes his pains.

There is no trace of the woman who ruins the man’s life in such a way and she usually walks off scot-free at times appreciated like a martyr.

The system that we all Indians have made needs a massive overhaul!

Please watch the video and share it as much as you can.

‘Protecting women does not mean punishing men’:

Arnab Ganguly is one of the leading Men’s Rights Activist from India.
He was interviewed by Kartikey Sehgal during the National Conference for Men, held in India in 2015.

National Conference for Men in India is held on the Independence Day every year where hundreds of MRAs from across the nation participate. The conference aims to bring in a positive change in the Indian society, including judiciary, in order to treat men and women on par with each other.


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