Why do men become more attractive as they age?

Answer by Gaurav Satle:

With Modernity and Feminism air getting thicker and thicker, women have got the choice to either go out & earn a livelihood, buy a house of their own, complete their living independent of everyone else, including her partner, OR simply stay at home, not do anything at all – including cooking and caretaking (these days professionals are hired for cooking, baby sitting and almost everything now) – with an option to be completely dependent on men for shelter, providing resources (read money) for food and everything else.

Modernity hasn’t given this choice to a man – who continues to be forced (with gender biased laws & perceptions/beliefs of the society) with the responsibilities for providing, protecting and being solely responsible for a providing resources to a child’s future, growth & development, inspite of the fact that the child came into existence due to an act of sex for which a man & woman are responsible equally, and regardless of the fact whether the female partner in such case is earning or not. This is usually termed as a ‘moral’ responsibility of a man, atleast in our part of the world (India). Men are usually disposed off when a woman gets a child from him as he is bound to provide a place of residence which she calls ‘her’ home and an alimony or monthly maintenance which she could call her ‘earnings’.

Thus a successful man’s wealth and resources (investments & property) which increases in magnitude with time is the main reason why a man is often considered more attractive with age as compared to a woman.

A not so successful man isnt considered to be as attactive.

Thus its always the ‘alpha-male’ that rule & win over ‘beta-males’ that follow who are forgotten with time.

Why do men become more attractive as they age?


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