Nod Ok Please!

Just a nod of the head at the end! And everything is accepted, considered normal & forgotten!

To know what this post is talking about please watch this video titled “HORN OK PLEASE”. It links to facebook a post uploaded on Radio Kantho fan page. At the time of this post, this video had already gone viral and had nearly a million views and thousands of likes and shares!

Horn Ok Please

In this video a city girl is honked at a few times as she walks by a scooter. As she turns back a couple of times in opposition to being ‘eve-teased’, the honking stops. No sooner than she continues to walk ahead, the honking starts again. Outraged by this she returns towards the two-wheeler and slaps the man on the two-wheeler, not once but twice. As she turns away and the honking continues, she retreats again to confront the man once more. Much to her surprise, she finds a small child behind the handle of the scooter innocently playing with the horn. Concluding that it wasn’t the man’s antics but the child’s play and guilty that she unnecessarily hit the man, she turns away with a sorry face not to return again! The gentleman, undone by the circumstance, nods and accepts her visual apology. The video ends.

This thought provoking video leads us to some clear inferences:

  1. Honking while a woman is passing by can be easily misunderstood as eve-teasing and stalking, especially when the driver of the vehicle is a man.
  2. The revengeful and violent act of the girl depicts the socially accepted norm of seeking instant refutation.
  3. Lack of attempt to lodge a police complaint suggests no belief or faith in nation’s judiciary or the mechanism to seek justice.
  4. Women usually falsely believe men are born criminals and treat even the greatest of gentlemen as criminals.
  5. Even after committing a violent act, women believe that they can get away with a mere apology.
  6. Men don’t protest when they are victimized by women. In fact they are quick to put such incidents behind their back and quick to accept an apology. Men are more forgiving in nature.
  7. Lack of CCTV, eyewitness or a godsend like the child in this video combined with false allegations by women on men, misandrist attitude of society and judiciary can label the man as a criminal forever.

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