The #SelfieAgainstDowry campaign

IPC 498A (Anti-Dowry law) has been rampantly misused by many sections of the society.

The ever decreasing rate of conviction and increase in the number of frivolous cases during the last few years has not only opened the eyes of the common men, but also the judiciary, media, Women’s Ministry and the governments (both central and state governments) to an extent that the government is now mulling over amending the said law.

In such an environment, a local Panchayat from a small village called Bibipur in Haryana has come up with a campaign for #SelfieAgainstDowry.

It is important to note that the same Panchayat had won acclaims and accolades for its #SelfieWithDaughter campaign which was later adopted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his revolutionary Mann Ki Baat series and passed on to a billion population of India.

This time again the Panchayat is expecting a similar response and is in the news again.


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