“Killer” Job!

This is in respect to a news that a man has killed his wife and mother as they used to quarrel a lot. It is also reported that he wasn’t happy with his job. One can find the original new here.

What has come to light is the increase in number of incidents where men have ended live – either of self or others. This abnormal behaviour of some men are generally considered less important unless and until a life of a woman is ended. However as far as National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) suicides statistics are concerned, to say that the situation related to men’s suicide is alarming will be an understatement.

What has come to light in all such reports is that there is a tendency by investigating agencies to dissociate the offence from troubles women are giving to men. This in no way is to imply that the crime committed is a lesser crime. Any act of killing others or oneself is highly deplorable in itself, irrespective of the cause that led to it.

However it is imperative to understand the kind of investigation that takes place when such offence is committed. It is usually inferred that such murder/suicide has happened because the man was troubled due to financial problems like a loan that he isn’t able to repay, lack of monetary resources to buy a property or dissatisfaction at his work. The default tendency is to equate a man’s happiness directly to his earning.

“Job” has become such an integral & indispensable part of a man’s life that every altercation men suffer due to family problems are automatically related to his Job! The idea that he could be a victim of unhealthy relationships due to his wife or girlfriend is rejected. Murder or suicide due to financial problems becomes a safe assumption.

And this so-called ‘safe’ assumption becomes the lead of the investigation done by police! The whole investigation takes a pre-determined turn. It fails to record a possibly true reason that the women could be oppressors, culprits or abettors.
Women can never do wrong is a word every policemen tends to swear unless there is a clear prima facie suggesting the same. This is more of a problem the entire society suffers.

Reverse the genders and every altercation where women are the victim is related to her husband not taking ‘good’ care of him regardless of the fact whether she had anything ‘constructive’ to put her mind into… read her ‘job’ or lack of it!

This typecasting of both genders into categories – men into negative & women into positive – is detrimental to the civic health of families and societies at large.


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